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Hello, my name is Nik Naylor, owner of the Alpha G Group.

Alpha G Online is an exclusive company providing One2One and online personal training, optimal nutrition and supplementation for bodybuilding, performance and enhancement and body weight management.
A service provided by our Alpha G Elite coaches.

We specialise in many areas of strength and performance sports. For bodybuilding our advanced training and nutrition systems are unsurpassed.
giving you an edge needed to compete at the highest level. We offer a full stage preparation, posing and choreography service making you a formidable force of stage presence, the difference between winning and losing,
Find out more information about our Alpha G Elite Coaches on our Alpha Elite page.
Alpha G Online offers an exclusive range Workout Apparel, Nutritional supplements, Market leading Peptide therapy products, Sarms and
a “ Priceless Wealth of Knowledge ” to take you beyond your genetic limitations.  

My story began at an early age like many accomplished coaches, participating in many sports. From my earliest memory, I’ve had an insatiable curiosity to see what my body and mind was capable of, yearning continually to be faster, stronger and better at every sport I engaged in. By the age of 10, I had already experienced the lifestyle and demands of competitive swimming at the national and international level. The training regime at this caliber of competition would empower me mentally forever. Two sessions daily over six days starting at 5 am for 2 hours before school and back in the pool at 5.30pm for a further 2 hours. Competitions weekly giving no rest days to recharge. I soon realised the importance of nutrition my body needed to recover and maintain high energy levels.The self-discipline I learned at this tender age, was to become a trait that would expand my horizons forever.

A swimmers schedule like most sports involves a strength training program. From the first time a lifted a barbell I just had a natural ability and understanding of weight training and little did i know then, that the gym would become my life.

 At 17 I started strength training to boost power for my martial arts. My goal then was to create a body like Bruce Lee but now as a young adult my body had other ideas as my muscles responded instantly in size and strength as bodybuilding now became my passion and way of life.

My bodybuilding journey began at the legendary Victor Imundi gym in Liverpool competing in his famous Open Gym Bodybuilding Show, placing 3rd in a, line up. Of seasoned bodybuilders. To this day it was one of my favourite shows. 2 years on I was working and training for a hero of mine and bodybuilding Hall of fame legend Terry Phillips after meeting him at the NABBA Northwest Bodybuilding Championships were i placed 1st in the Junior class.

The opportunity to be training and learning from bodybuilding’s elite and the constant stream of prominent athletes visiting Terry Fitness  and Country club was a dream come true. The chance to listen and take in all this information from these sporting icons about training and nutrition was one never taken for granted, leading me to open my own gym.

Body sculpture Gym quickly gained a reputation of being “The gym to be for bodybuilding success” .transforming many into bodybuilding champions and being a strength coach to many athletes from various sporting fields. I still competed myself as the title successes kept my reputation steadfast and my sports nutrition sponsor happy.

My forte and dedication have given me the opportunity to experience many fulfilling positions. Working with Super League Clubs St Helens and Warrington Wolves. I was appointed WABBA-GB, NW Britain bodybuilding rep and later taking on the role of President. Great times running and judging shows here in the UK and taking teams all over Europe to the International events. My appointed position of nutritional advisor on the IOC Commissioned Entourage Committee to the EPF is one i continue to do. I have been fortunate an enjoyed the success and experiences that have come my way in a career spanning over 35 years and still counting.

Coach clients is always a privilege and a pleasure to be the one who played an important role turning their dreams into reality. I take pride in the recognition of never giving less than 100% to all I coached and trained and as long as they share the same commitment I will stop at nothing for them to be successful in reaching their goals. My passion for success as strong today as when I started.

So what is the secret why there are coaches who bring client success where others fail?  Experience  and Knowledge !! This is what gives coaches  that ability to do what those without it can’t. Real life experience, the having done it, gone through it, or been there, and the more times the greater these become! These practical experiences and emotions can’t be felt or learned from any book..without having  experienced it how can they teach it! The practicality is they can’t truly know or fully understand how their clients feel with the daily dynamics their clients will face each day. An experienced coach will not only be reactive to the situations ahead but proactive also… keeping you on the right track to reach the results you so badly desire.

My coaching skill sets have developed and cultured from a continued pursuit of success both personally and professionally. I recognise and feel the highs and lows of dieting and training at an optimum level as I face them continually, both physically and psychologically. You truly live a daily schedule with the angel on one shoulder guiding you and Devil on the other putting temptation in your way.

During my 35 years coaching and working out personally, I’ve found 3 things to be consistent and true to put you in the right mindset to motivate you through the hardest of workouts …

1. Correct Nutrition. There is simply no substitute; without this in place, your body just can’t perform

2. Music.  Your favourite music will light up your brain like the 4th July, elevating your mood and motivation to push beyond your limits

3. Workout Wear with attitude… If you look good you feel good// that’s a fact!…

Feeling good lifts your mood, gives mental strength,a combination that is essential for continued motivation and success. If one of these is missing you will always be under par when you hit the gym

Alpha G performance supplements are bespoke formulations structured to support and protect the body from the stresses and trauma hard training brings.

Alpha G Workout Apparel is designed to create a performance clothing line that will make you feel good and support you through the most grueling  workouts  Alpha G  Workout Apparel with Attitude and a tenacious image to break through your boundaries and step up your game.

                                        Alpha-G Online

              Designed with Attitude, Worn to be Tenacious….