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This is what you’ve never had but always needed! You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Already well established on the International and European stage, the BALL CAGE is fast becoming a much needed item of sports equipment.


The easy, effective and safe way to take your ball with you wherever you go, whether it’s to the court, pitch, school or abroad.

Are you tired of your mucky football/basketball sitting in your sports bag, making everything dirty? Or do you worry about your children losing their football on the way to school, or to the park? Well, we worried too, so with our highly skilled designers we got to thinking about how footballs/basketballs could be transported easily, efficiently and above all, safely.

After many weeks of hard work the BallCage was born! The Ball Cage is strong, durable, long lasting and made of hard-wearing material.


We have manufactured the structure to make the clip strong, light and durable with it’s striking appearance and stunning BallCage insignia.

Our B clip enables you to easily attach your BallCage to your bag, waistband or bike handles. The B clip will attach to virtually anything!

Our innovative, unique B clip has been cleverly designed and crafted from superior durable lightweight aircraft aluminium material.

The B clip opens and closes quickly and smoothly, born out by our independent factory testing.

Although not illegal, carrying a loose ball can be classed as anti-social behaviour but with your ball safely in the BallCage, there’s no problem!

The BallCage is a piece of equipment no aspiring sportsman, woman or child can do without!!

How To Use The Ballcage