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Hello, my name is Jamie Harrison!                                                      I am a qualified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach. I’m over the moon to be working with the clients and athletes of the Alpha G online brand.

Little bit of history about myself…

I am currently a qualified Personal trainer, Strength and Conditioning coach for over 4 years now. Prior to this I was a professional cricketer for Durham County Cricket Club for over 8 years.

I am currently about to graduate LJMU gaining a BSc in Sports & Exercise Science! Busy times ! 🙂

I specialise in performance specific training and *overall weight control and management* .Through my
experience of being a professional sportsmen I learnt first hand the importance of individualisation with
regards to your training & nutrition.

Throughout my time at Durham I went through different training programmes to ‘bulk up’ and ‘cut down’, I learnt personally the struggles we all face during those dark days when training & dieting feels harder than ever…. we all have them!!

After suffering many injuries, with the last being the final nail in my cricketer career, I really started to
understand & appreciate the importance of nutrition. Not only how important this is to ensure you
reach your goals, but for overall well being & health. I have become slightly obsessed with how we can manipulate both our nutrition & training to ensure there is not a stone unturned in getting you all to where you want to be. The devil really is in the detail ladies & gents!

I can’t wait to pick Nik’s brains and build on my existing knowledge & help grow the Alpha G online
brand further!