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Alpha G coach Nik Naylor now back in the UK. providing exclusive One2One training and Diet plans combined with Unexcelled motivational support. With over 35 years of experience and knowledge in the health industry, having Nik coach you step by step through your custom workout is key to reaching your goals effectively and efficiently. Distinctive training and diet techniques are targeted to your desired results and to enrich your physical and psychological well being keeping you inspired and focused.

One2One is your journey to making your aspersions a reality and you will have everything you need structured and applied to complete that journey. But as Nik says Remember..  Nothing Worth Having in Life Comes Easy..I will give you 100% But you have to equal that commitment for the system to be successful.

The RESULTS that follow.are NOT  GIVEN they are EARNED! The journey you take is life changing giving you more confidence and and inner strength. I live by the rules I teach, using the same training and diet techniques to keep my body looking the way I want it to. I take pride in my own ability to train at the intensity I do which allows me to do the job I enjoy. One2One is for all ages. Age is only a number, not an excuse, it just takes refining and adapting the training to keep the workouts progressive and creating a greater sense of purpose and well being. Exercise is medically proven not just to keep the body strong and healthy but to boost you psychologically also leading to a healthier lifestyle and enhanced mindset. Nik adds, I will be your guide. your motivation. I practice what I preach and I will train you with proven techniques and a wealth of expertise and knowledge. I know and understand a clients goal and my mission is to always deliver on my promises…