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Hello my name is Paula Whitby, let me give you a quick insight about the woman i am today.

Anyone that knows me knows how hard and consistent I train. I am dedicated to my sport and brought this into my own work as a personal trainer.

 I think I’ve experienced it all looking back at progress pictures; overweight, very slim but loose and baggy, tight and slim and athletic and now quite muscular for a female. I know how hard I’ve worked to achieve all these stages

Yep, there have been haters and jealousy along the way but the best thing about this sport is you meet people that work equally as hard, share the same interests, inspire each other and sort the good from the bad. These things don’t happen on their own and overnight, you have to make it your own choice and work towards your goals. My personal training clients inspire me when I see how determined and focused they are. When they hit those targets we set, I can’t explain how fabulous it makes me feel. I love my job, I love my life 💪🏼💋 

After having two children we women know, that in itself is a job to overcome on a woman’s figure 😱. So today I found an article on a woman that won her pro card at the age of 53 and looks bloody amazing! So that’s enough incentive to keep going and doing something I love to do. The same can apply to anyone wanting to make changes in themselves whatever your individual goals are whether competing or not.

Never doubt yourself or what you can achieve and don’t worry what age you are. Do it because you love to work hard for it and like the challenge.

 I hope this post helps anyone on a fitness journey or just starting out, dream big or dare to dream bigger after all who’s stopping you, your own doubts and nagging in your head?

Lay them to rest,


knuckle down

and enjoy your journey!