MGF is used for the increased creation and building of tissue and stimulating increased muscle fibres and repair. Through the augmentation of the stem cell count, it permits the muscle fibre to fuse together and develop maturity. 

PEG MEG ( pegylated mechano growth factor) promotes myoblast division which in turn causes the fusion and maturation of muscle tissue. This process is vital for the growth of muscle in adults. IGF-1 and MGF differ in the fact that the second stimulates myoblasts division via the activation of different receptors. 

When it was firstly used, MGF was limited since the drug broke down in the body shortly after it was within the body. Since then, researchers have been able to find a practical and ingenious way of preventing the breakdown through pegylation (the process in which MGF molecules were agglomerated to molecules of polyethylene glycol). This permitted a protective coat to form and allowed the MGF to be carried through the circulatory system without breakage or losing its bioactivity or its efficiency in muscle building. 

MGF that has gone through the pegylation process becomes more bioavailable and, when injected two to three times in a week, is capable of remaining concentrated for a long period. 

The drug is commonly used for bodybuilders to accelerate the growth of muscular fibre. In addition to its benefits in muscle tissue building, MGF has also been used for the reduction of fat masses in the body, boosting the immune system and skin, strengthening of bones, management of cholesterol levels, increase in endurance, as well as accelerated recovery of tissue lesions. 

Both PEG-MGF and IGF-1 are polypeptide hormones and are different from myoblasts where embryonic cells develop to muscle fibres. PEG-MGF can cause myoblast division as well as the maturation of the muscle fibres. These functions are necessary for promoting the growth of muscles in adults. 

When MGF was first developed, one challenge that its users had was that it did not stay for long in their body. Since PEG MGF is water-based, it will last for a few minutes in your body. That is the reason why the researchers opted to pegylate the MGF. 

This meant that MGF was now combined with a polyethylene glycol molecule. This has helped the breakdown to be fast and to flow through the bloodstream efficiently. 

It is highly recommended to dilute the Lyophilised PEG-MGF in bacteriostatic water. 

Although Lyophilised PEG-MGF is stable at room temperature within 3-4 weeks, it should be desiccated and stored below -2°C.  

When reconstituted, PEG-MGF must be stored at –2 – 8°C and away from direct light for 10-14 days. Storage for future use should be done below -18°C. However, you should avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. 

Results and Benefits 

Since the MGF injection is short-lived, it is more beneficial to use MGF in the PEG form as Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) to increase the protection of the MGF molecules and to help it last in the body for a longer time. 

PEG-MGF leads to the constant production of satellite cells in the muscle fibres which initiate the process of hypertrophy in adult muscles. This process occurs when the skeletal muscle increases in size due to the growth of the size of its cells. Satellite cells also arouse muscle regeneration by producing a spare population of cells that are ready to multiply whenever you have a muscular injury. 

The PEG-MGF helps in the retention of nitrogen, which enables the measurement of the amount of protein that is available in one’s body. Protein is an essential nutrient for body tissues and acts as the raw material used for building muscles. 

PEG-MGF increases the synthesis of muscle protein that promotes the growth of muscles. When you exercise, your muscles experience small micro-tears resulting in increased blood flow to the area involved. This initiates a reaction on this protein to repair the injured muscle. It is this process that enables the muscle to become larger and stronger. 

Side Effects 

Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor side effect are generally dosage or diet related.. 

Taking higher than normal dosages does not increase the effect of this peptide only increase the possibility of side effects . 

Diet related side effects are common and you need to adjust and adapt your diet till you get the balance. Calories have to be adjusted with complex carbs and quality protein. It is reported that calorie increase is normal but the nutrition intake needs to be of a clean diet. 

First major sign of not consuming enough good calories is a dull headache which seems to only go once you have hit the right calorie intake. 

Lethargy is another reported side effect so the first time you use IGF1 Lr3 it’s a bit of a learning curve till you find the balance that’s right for you. 

Suggested Dosage 

It is advised to always use Bacteriostatic water or acetic acid water for safety and dissolves the peptide more effeciently. 

Because of the long action of the LR3 compound its advised to use it on a one day on ,one day off cycle with a max of 3 times per week . 

Taking every day will not increase its effect . 

Dosage range from 200 – 400 mcgs injected bi-laterally for example  

100 – 200mcgs injected into each bicep etc 

Maximum dosages of 800mcgs have been reported above that is not advised due to causing the onset of hypoglycaemia. 

Using this peptide it is advised to always keep some form of simple carbs with you to counter act a sudden drop in blood sugars  


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