Alpha G online  “PODIUM GOLD”  £139 per month


PODIUM GOLD features …

Podium Gold is for anyone who is aiming for competition

The specialist competition package will consolidate in its entirety every aspect needed to be Competition ready. Offered on a monthly basis with a minimum of 3 months required, this is the bare minimum necessity for Contest Preparation.

I would always advocate a longer period to maximise effects Obviously the more time I work with you the better you will be.

Package features include all premium services and features of Alpha G VIP. PLUS..

  • Bespoke bodysculpting programs with corresponding nutrition and diet plans customised to your individual requirement based on your level of experience. Gym facilities. lifestyle and personal preferences
  • Programs continually fine tuned and modified Centred for muscular development symmetry and maximising muscle volume in combination to attaining required  body fat levels to compete
  • Weekly check-ins and video calls
  • increasing in frequency  as show  date approaches
  • Show prep advice and guidance.
  • 20% member discount on all Alpha G Online products


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