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       **Discounted  of 5% with Podium Gold and Elite 20 **


The art of posing and stage presentation will always make the deciding factor between winning and losing when competition is close. The technical ability and prowess to showcase yourself for maximum advantage are as essential as your capability to train precisely and as vital as the adept diet implemented to compete. The ability to showcase your physique favourably is a crucial component in your bodybuilding skill set and weaponry for stage dominance…..

I will guide you through the entirety of stage savvy acumen, walk out, correct stance and posture in the lineup, compulsory poses, comparisons and flawless posing techniques for show day.

Music choice: Individual choreographed routine tailored to your body type and personality making the best of your ability.

My one2one coaching classes are priced £55 per hour or £99 per 2. 5 hours.

The first session can last 2.5 hours

**Discounted  at 5% with Podium Gold and Elite 20 **

Online coaching offers the same service via video Q+A to correct sent between us.

Video call check-ins are weekly or more frequently if needed and backed up by unlimited email support.


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