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TB 500 (Thymosin Beta-4)

What is TB-500

TB-500 is a powerful healing peptide used to greatly enhance recovery and healing of injuries. It is a synthetically produced version of Thymosin Beta-4, a natural healing protein found in the cells of all animals.

Studies and reviews have shown it to substantially reduce the healing time of injuries to muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout the body. In addition, it can significantly improve joint flexibility while reducing inflammation. Thanks to this confluence of results, TB 500 has developed a reputation as a powerful performance enhancement aid in animal racing and is becoming widely sought after for its recuperative effects.

How it works

The natural Thymosin Beta-4 (TB-4) is an integral force in the healing and recovery of injured tissue in the body. Found in large amounts near wounded tissue, it stimulates healing through several mechanisms of action.

TB-4 stimulates the development of new blood cells and blood vessels. With greater numbers of blood cells and new blood vessels being created, nutrient transport around the injured area is significantly enhanced. This greatly facilitates recovery of the wound.

Thymosin Beta-4 regulates Actin, a cell constructing protein critical to movement and function.

Actin makes up a significant percentage of proteins in each cell, also stimulating the production of new blood vessels and decreasing inflammation. Through Actin upregulation, TB-4 and TB 500 result in further restorative effects on injured tissue.

TB-4 has been observed to attract vital wound healing cells to the location of damaged tissue, signaling them to facilitate the healing process. These include myoblast cells and myocyte cells, both of which have been shown to be essential to fast healing and injury recovery. Moreover, Thymosin Beta-4 helps regulate inflammation. To be sure, reduced inflammation levels can be
beneficial not only in case of injury, but also in relatively normal health, such as where joint inflammation causes discomfort or performance decline.

TB-500 Healing and Performance

In addition to rapid healing of wounded tissue, TB 500 dosages also can help to prevent injuries during intense training regimens. As it can significantly aid joint and connective tissue flexibility, this helps reduce the likelihood of significant injuries occurring to these tissues. With greater elasticity, lower occurrences of tendon rupture, ligament damage, and tendon to bone
separation injuries can be expected. This can significantly aid training and competition performance.

TB-500 reviews show it can also be a powerful muscle strength and size builder when used in conjunction with an effective training program. As it greatly aids muscle tissue recovery, faster gains in strength and size can be achieved thanks to more rapid, enhanced healing of microtrauma to muscle tissue incurred during the course of typical strength training regimens.

Additionally, TB-500 results in powerful effects on forming new blood cells and blood vessels, especially around damaged tissue, ensuring greatly enhanced nutrient transport to stressed muscle tissue, further aiding developmental gains. Moreover, with more flexible, better healing
tendons and ligaments less prone to injury from severe training stimulus, muscle strength and  growth can be pushed even further thanks to this vital connective tissue support.

What Are The Side Effects of TB 500?

TB-500 has been observed to have no negative side effects in studies and anecdotal reports from trainers worldwide. Additionally, it does not affect or interact with other natural hormone levels, including sex hormones and growth hormones, as it works by an entirely different mechanism. Therefore, no unwanted suppression of natural hormonal activity will occur.

While some cancer researchers have observed higher levels of Thymosin Beta-4 around cancerous tissue, this is ascribed to the body’s natural immune response, as TB-4 helps produce white blood cells in an effort to combat the ailing tissue and heal the affected area.

Importantly, there have been no TB 500 side effects along with no safety issues in any studies or testing conducted. Resultantly, it can be expected to have zero negative side effects with responsible administration.

For years, TB 500 doses have been used by veterinarians and trainers in animal racing to improve the performance and health of various racing animals, including horses and greyhounds. Further, because Thymosin Beta-4 is present in all animals, it can be expected to exert its powerful healing and performance enhancing effects in virtually any animal, regardless of size or competitive arena. Indeed, with training stress being pushed to the limit, it can be seen as an invaluable tool to enable proper, rapid recovery from one training session and competition to the next. This can ensure that peak performance is sustained rather than held back by poor recovery or nagging injury.

Example TB 500 Dosage Guide

The optimal TB 500 dose is typically between 4-10 milligrams per week, divided into twice weekly administrations if tolerated. Some users report a “Hyperglycemic type “ feeling when using dosages around the 4 to 5 mg dosage and opt for 2 mg every other day during the 6 week loading phase. The 6 weeks loading phase can then be followed by a lowered maintenance dose of about 2mg delivered once per week or less. This maintenance protocol can be continually administered throughout the training or competitive season to safeguard against injury and to prevent suboptimal recovery.

While no example TB-500 dosage protocol has been as yet set in stone, the previously described program is the most commonly used and has been observed to be effective in all sizes of animals in various athletic competitions. As a result, this protocol is a common starting point. Beyond this, TB 500 dosages, administration frequency, and length of therapy should be tailored to the specific animal based on observable data on its healing and performance results

What is the difference between TB-500 and BPC-157?

Both provide exceptional support for wound healing and recovery. While TB 500 is synthetically-produced Thymosin Beta-4, BPC-157 is derived from a natural healing peptide known as Body Protecting Compound that is found in the gastrointestinal system, where it helps to heal ulcers and aid the digestive process. When BPC-157 is administered, its healing effects stimulate recovery of muscle and connective tissues that have been injured or damaged by training stimulus. This is clearly much like the effects of Thymosin Beta-4.

As far as TB 500 vs. BPC-157 goes, the recovery benefits are fairly similar. However, TB 500 reviews have indicated that it appears to promote greater beneficial effects on muscle tissue than its counterpart. These benefits include injury recovery as well as growth and development in healthy muscle tissue. Still, BPC 157 substantially enhances healing and recovery of connective tissue and joints, with observers noting its effect on these tissues to be at least on par with Thymosin Beta-4. With different mechanisms of action, both can work to stimulate healing in complementary ways. As a result, stacking both products together provides a powerful synergistic effect that offers the maximum benefit for growth and recovery. The unique healing compound PROHEAL, an optimal blend of both TB 500 and BPC 157, offers this synergy in one convenient product.

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