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Alpha G Online PT and one2one training is an exciting and effective way to transform your body and lifestyle to achieve sustainable and lasting results.

Alpha G coach Nik Naylor will take you through bespoke training programs and nutritional regimes to fast track you to your goals and aspirations.

The exercise and diet techniques are set out to enrich your physical and psychological well being Alpha G PT mission is to provide easy to follow advice. professional guidance and back up support to help you every step of the way working alongside you to achieve your desired goals by creating a tailored training and nutrition plan based on the client’s lifestyle and personal aspirations. 

Specialist in

  • bodybuilding training and nutrition 

  • Competition and Stage preparation

  • Compulsory posing ,stage presence and choreography
  • Body sculpting and  weight management

  • Fast Track weight loss coach

  • Personalised Packages Available                              

       Please contact Alpha G Training for any individual package requirements


Details of programs are as following:

  • Bespoke training programs tailored to your requirements and goals

  • Detailed nutrition plan and easy to follow regimes

  • Nutritional Supplement plans provided tailored to accelerate results 

  • Weekly/ Daily online check-ins with One to one support 24/7 emails, text, phone, and video calls 

  • Contest prep Training and nutrition

  • Stage preparation and posing

  • Discount on Alpha G Online products.

Details are subject to package terms and conditions.

Any other information you require can be obtained by emailing us any